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Former judge announces candidacy for attorney general

By Craig Anderson

Delaware State News

DOVER — Vowing to take a tough stance on gun crimes and pledging to assist substance abusers while locking up drug dealers, retired Judge Charles “Chuck” Welch announced his intention to become Delaware’s next attorney general in 2022.

The 62-year- old Mr. Welch, a Republican, stood before a crowd of around 60 at Fraizer’s Restaurant and Bar to proclaim his candidacy. The General Election will be held in November 2022.

Mr. Welch, a Dover resident, closed a roughly 15-minute speech with encapsulating his views and aims if elected as Delaware’ chief law enforcement officer. “I have a sincere message for all Delawareans — help is on the way,” he said.

“When I am elected as attorney general, I vow that while peaceful protests are a part of democracy and our rights as Americans, rioting and looting will not be tolerated.

“Those who commit gun crimes will not be released and put back on the streets to prey upon our communities. Those who suffer from drug addiction will be offered compassion and treatment but drug dealers will be removed from our streets.”

Continuing on, Mr. Welch said “And for our men and women in blue, whether you’re a police officer or probation officer, a corrections officer or bailiff, Delaware’s attorney general will once again be supporting you and have your back.

“My commitment to all of you is this — If elected to the office of attorney general I will serve a full four-year term. I am running for AG meaning attorney general. I am not running for aspiring governor. I have no desire to seek any other office. I’m (committed to this office) and this office alone because the stakes are too high and the job is too important.”

Mr. Welch was appointed to the Court of Common Pleas in 2000 and served 19 years. He was state representative of the 29th Legislative District (covering northwest Kent County prior to that and was elected as House majority whip.

For more than a decade, Mr. Welch presided on the Kent County Court of Common Pleas Drug Court, which he founded.

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Retired Judge Charles “Chuck” Welch speaks at his candidate kickoff rally at Fraizer’s Restaurant and Bar.

Special to the Delaware State News/ Ariane Mueller

Former state representative Nancy H. Wagner gives remarks at the Charles Welch kickoff rally.

Charles “Chuck” Welch fielded numerous questions about his candidacy on Wednesday.

Left, Charles “Chuck” Welch socializes with supporters David and Lisa Lange at the kickoff rally. Right, he chats with supporter John Davis.

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